Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Trinogamy works in tough Economic Times

By now, you've probably known someone that's been laid off, had their pay cut, or is dealing with a serious loss in value on their home, if not foreclosure. Living in the US has become more expensive, while wages just have not kept up. There are so many struggling couples out there. Imagine if you could change all that by adding another partner to your relationship and to your household. With some love, planning and communication, you could successfully have money for all of your wants and needs as well as divide up responsibilities to find time for each other, personal interests, and children (if desired). As times change, we need to explore new options for the American family, and not limit ourselves based on what worked in the past. Today is vastly different than those times.


Brian and Kate Manning said...

We really want a Trinogamouse relationship. She is Bi and we want another woman to be apart of us. But how do we do it? It is so hard to find someone who is serious about this. I know its a new thing, but what and where do you recommend start to finding someone for us. Sites like AFF and such are just people looking for sex. This is SOOO much more.


Trio Marriage said...

You should start with reading the Official Trinogamy Book.