Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trinogamy Financial Planning

We have had so many people ask how to deal with money in Trinogamy,
so here is one basic answer:

In a tringamous relationship, you should have a minimum of 4 bank accounts.
1 for each person and 1 for the group.

The best way we have found, is for each person to be responsible
for a bill or bills. (This should be fluid based on the amounts each of you make.)

In high times everyone pays bills evenly and contributes to the group fund often.

In low times, one person should be able to pay everything (not easily of course),
and the group fund is terminated.

Do Not live above your financial means and visit a financial advisor.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Trinogamy works in tough Economic Times

By now, you've probably known someone that's been laid off, had their pay cut, or is dealing with a serious loss in value on their home, if not foreclosure. Living in the US has become more expensive, while wages just have not kept up. There are so many struggling couples out there. Imagine if you could change all that by adding another partner to your relationship and to your household. With some love, planning and communication, you could successfully have money for all of your wants and needs as well as divide up responsibilities to find time for each other, personal interests, and children (if desired). As times change, we need to explore new options for the American family, and not limit ourselves based on what worked in the past. Today is vastly different than those times.

Millionaire Matchmaker for all...

I'm a big fan of Patti at Millionaire Matchmaker, but I'd like to see her expand upon her show by matching GLBT singles and those interested in a trinogamous relationship.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to Act in a Three Person Relationship

How to Act in a Three Person Relationship

Be Yourself, Be Honest & Be Considerate !

How is this different from a traditional relationship?
Well, it is not actually different, though these
qualities become more important and intense in a complex relationship.

The three person relationship is an powerful, yet delicate balance
of emotions, needs and attention. Conversely if you are
not sharing your thoughts, opinions, feelings,
and life with your partner(s), then it may be time to
reevaluate your current relationship. You must be yourself
and be prepared to fully share yourself.

The three person relationship may ask a lot of you, but it
gives back even more, if you let it. You must be honest,
open, caring and have the desire to succeed. Don't be
disillusioned by lust, it is hard work to have a
successful three person relationship.

If you are not willing, then you are not ready for a three person
relationship. It may even be questionable whether you are ready for a
traditional two person relationship. So live, grow and
try another day.

When you are ready, start your journey toward the most rewarding
and wildest ride of your life. Let life flow, be prosperous
and control your destiny.

[REPOST - 2008]

Finding The Three Person Marriage

Finding The Three Person Marriage

Finding the three person relationship is not an easy
task, I can tell you that from years of trial and error.
Also what I must beg of you, is to be truly
honest and ask for honesty.

With everything you do concerning love and relationships,
tell the truth. If you are not honest, you are wasting your
partners and your time. Not to mention the heart ache
and turmoil.

So how do you find a three person relationship?
There are three ways :

1. Create one deeply honest relationship with one
person and expand to three together.

2. Create a deeply honest relationship with two
people already in a committed relationship and be three.

3. Create a deeply honest relationship with two
people not in a relationship and be three.

Now there are good and bad in each of these ways.
The best option is based on what you value and
how you want to live life. Rely on your heart
but don't loose touch with your mind.

Breaking it down it looks like this :

1. Create relationship with one person and expand to three.
Pros; starts typical, quit able, stable, fun.
Cons; takes longer.

2. Create a relationship with two people already in a relationship.
Pros; quicker, more reliable, semi-typical, stable, fun.
Cons; playing catch-up, harder to quit.

3. Create a relationship with two people not in a relationship.
Pros; quicker, more reliable, exciting.
Cons; playing catch-up, not typical, unpredictable, quit able.

When you are ready, chose your path wisely and have
patience for the right situation.

[REPOST - 2007]

Economic Benefits of the Three Person Marriage

Economic Benefits of the Three Person Marriage

Many have asked, what is a three person marriage? Some type of
religious or cult thing. My explanation is clear, the three person marriage is only
a simple solution to a complex problem. It is a marriage of logic, understanding
and maturity in an illogical, confusing and immature world.

There are failing marriages and crumbling family structures all around us, mainly caused by monetary pressures and the increasing demands of a modern world. It is easy to see that radical changes are needed for improvement.

The only honest strategy is to develop a country of solid families that can produce
at home as well as compete globally. This daunting task can only be accomplished
by changing what we think of as normal. By becoming more flexible in our
relationships and laws about relationships. By adapting in order to live a happier
and more complete life. We can all stop holding onto what is failing and embrace
a future of alternatives.

In a three person marriage here are the possible solutions :

1. three work full time (and pay for house care)
2. two work full time and one part-time (house care)
3. two work full time and one stays home (house care)
4. two work full time and one stays home (house care/childcare)
5. one works full time and two part-time (house care/childcare)
6. one works full time and one part-time and one stays home (house care/childcare)
7. three work part-time (house care/childcare)

The economic benefits are clear and it does not take a mathematician to figure out.
More income earners means more money and more partners means more time.

With all of the options available, it is not right to raise our children in parent less homes or homes where parents are merely absent. It is also not right to put unequal stress and burden on a member of the relationship. It IS right to rethink the way we live, act and respond.

[REPOST - 2007]

Why a 3 person relationship?

Why a 3 person relationship?

Many have asked me, why my companion animal and I are seeking
a three person relationship. So I figured this, being an open-minded place,
is as good of a place as any to begin explaining.

I know what first comes to all their minds and maybe yours.
SEX, sure I will take some (and give some) but that is not
really what it is all about.

A three person relationship is about having a successful
two person relationship and wanting to expand it by adding
a third. What it really comes down to is the lust for another
trustworthy point of view, on life, on sex and on love.

The initial idea for a successful three person relationship
came to me years ago while studying our government's
framework. The process of checks and balances struck me
as genius and although there are times when the process
of the system itself fails, the theories behind the processes
are genuinely astute and long lasting. So in turn, to truly
have a relationship that is balanced there must be a way to
know that there is a balance.

It is my belief that two people, whether they be opposite
sex, same sex or alien sex, are unable to regulate themselves
in an unbiased fashion. Yet if an honest, caring and sincere third
person was added to any relationship there would be a much greater
chance of life long happiness for all involved. (I only
emphasize the honesty of this third person, because it
is ultra important for he/she to understand that they are
a part of a whole. They are not a replacement or a go-between.
They are a 33.333333333% partner in the relationship and expected
to think, act and be involved accordingly.)

In a ever increasingly competitive global marketplace
and community, it is only intelligent that we all adapt.
We can do so by changing what we think of as normal and become
more flexible in our relationships to be able to better
compete and live happily ever after.

But the economic benefits are best left for another article.

I hope that I have explained my point well enough, so that
maybe more can see and understand, the methods behind my
so-called madness.

[REPOST - 2007]