Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to Act in a Three Person Relationship

How to Act in a Three Person Relationship

Be Yourself, Be Honest & Be Considerate !

How is this different from a traditional relationship?
Well, it is not actually different, though these
qualities become more important and intense in a complex relationship.

The three person relationship is an powerful, yet delicate balance
of emotions, needs and attention. Conversely if you are
not sharing your thoughts, opinions, feelings,
and life with your partner(s), then it may be time to
reevaluate your current relationship. You must be yourself
and be prepared to fully share yourself.

The three person relationship may ask a lot of you, but it
gives back even more, if you let it. You must be honest,
open, caring and have the desire to succeed. Don't be
disillusioned by lust, it is hard work to have a
successful three person relationship.

If you are not willing, then you are not ready for a three person
relationship. It may even be questionable whether you are ready for a
traditional two person relationship. So live, grow and
try another day.

When you are ready, start your journey toward the most rewarding
and wildest ride of your life. Let life flow, be prosperous
and control your destiny.

[REPOST - 2008]


threeisnotacrowd01 said...

thanks for that. we are a new trinagamous couple. One man, two women. Its wonderful now but we know that we have a road ahead. your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Trio Marriage said...

You should read the Official Trinogamy Book.

ktrose81 said...

I am in a new tri. relationship with my husband and his girlfriend. He's got some health issues, and while I see the bonus of having this relationship I am having some serious boundary issues, and beginnings of resentments. Having some serious doubts about everything, and any and all advice will be welcomed.